The UK is a nation of dog lovers, we walk our pets and even take them on holiday with us. A dog is an important part of the family.

Yorkshire is in the Top 10 of dog-friendly holiday destinations in the UK. All those acres of moors and dales make Yorkshire a veritable Mecca for holidays with dogs. There are plenty of small stretches of sand along the coast where dogs can run about and enjoy dips in the sea.

We are lucky in being an island nation because of the great choice of dog-friendly beaches in all parts of the UK from the northern reaches of Scotland down to the Isle of Wight. Scotland’s beaches are sparsely populated. On the west coast, where mountains meet the sea, there are shingle beaches with wonderful views. Travel to the Scottish islands to discover tranquillity and even solitude on the coast. Wildlife is plentiful on the ragged coast and satisfyingly easy to spot. It is unlikely that your dogs will be able to move fast enough to catch sea birds although they should be kept on lead during the breeding season, especially near nature reserves.

The Isles of Arran, Skye, Islay and Jura are wonderful locations for isolated holiday cottages surrounded by tranquil scenery. Take a look at a selection of dogs welcome holiday cottages - your dog is worth it!

Many Scottish beaches on the east coast are backed by sand dunes and rabbit warrens. It pays to keep an eye on your dog otherwise you may find that you have rabbit on the menu. Bunnies are present in great abundance, more so than anywhere in the south. The long stretch of sandy beach runs from Aberdeen all the way up to Balmedie and beyond. Your dog would be welcomed in all Scottish coastal regions. Further north are former fishing villages with harbours and beaches. Visit Collieston, Whinnyfold, Cruden Bay, St. Combs, Gardenstown, Portsoy and Cullen for a flavour of the north east, an unusual dialect and excellent fish sippers. Seals often bask on these beaches and there are up to one thousand at certain times of year in Newburgh. If you’re thinking about a pet-friendly holiday, Scotland is highly recommended because of the space, the acres of countryside, woodland walks and dog-friendly beaches.

Further south in England, the national parks are the big open expanses of countryside with umpteen walks. A pet-friendly cottage break in the south becomes that bit more difficult in built-up areas. Travelling to the south coast, a short ferry ride takes holidaymakers to the Isle of Wight which boats some excellent dogs allowed beaches at Bembridge and Sandown. The weather is that bit kinder in the south so that a real seaside break with dogs is a distinct possibility.

Find out more pet-friendly cottage holidays in the UK. We can but suggest a few good places for holidays accompanied by dogs. The best thing to do is to try a few locations and find out for yourself.



We all have our own favourite places to holiday with dogs, perhaps somewhere we have got to know quite well.

Real dog lovers take a big interest in their pets and know what they enjoy doing on holiday. It may be retrieving sticks, a swim in the sea or a lake, a walk off a lead in the woods. The best kind of holiday with a dog is one where both of you experience a certain degree of freedom that is not available back home.

It is important that your dogs are accepted and feel relaxed in your holiday accommodation.

The last thing you want to be concerned about on holiday is a stressed dog. Do check the immediate surroundings of the accommodation. A garden or patio may be described as ‘enclosed’ but is it completely enclosed and dog proof? Is there somewhere for the dog to be exercised in the early morning?

One of the advantages of renting a holiday cottage somewhere remote is that you can have the confidence in suitable countryside where dogs can be walked.


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Happy holidays for pets

A happy holiday is one where your dogs are relaxed and carefree. If your dog likes the holiday accommodation and destination, your mind will be at ease and you can also enjoy a few days away in a UK destination.

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